Mobile Radio Features

FeatureDescriptionXiR M6660Xir M8620i/
Xir M8628i
Xir M8660i/
Xir M8668i
ChannelsProgrammable channel capacity256991000
IP RatingRated sealing for dust and water ingressionIP54IP54IP54
DigitalDMR standard digital voice communications
AnalogAnalog voice communication
Alphanumeric Displaydisplay for easy access to advanced features
Bluetooth AudioWireless connection for earpieces and headsets
Control StationRadio can be configured as a Dispatch or Control Station
Emergency CallRadio can initiated Digital Emergency process
Enhanced PrivacyEncryption of voice traffic using ARC4 with 40bit keys
GPSEmbedded GPS receiver for location monitoring
Indoor Location-trackingBluetooth-based indoor positioning
Intelligent AudioAutomatic volume control based on background noise levels
Lone WorkerInitiates emergency if user does not respond to periodic alerts
Numeric DisplayClear display of channel number on front or radio
OTAPRadio can be programmed Over-The-Air
Radio Disable/EnableRadio can be remotely disable and/or re-enable another radio
Remote MonitorRadio can be remotely activate another radio’s microphone
Remote Monitor Control HeadControl head can be located separately from radio
Text MessagingRadio can send and/or receive text messages
Text to SpeechRadio can read text and setting out loud
Third Party ApplicationsRadio can use data to support third party applications
Transmit InterruptRadio can force another radio to stop transmitting
User-Selectable Audio ProfilesRadio’s sound can be customized by user
Voice AnnouncementAudible confirmation of selected operations of the radio
Wi-FiIntegrated Wi-Fi capability
Direct ModeRadio is capable of direct radio-to-radio operation
ConventionalRadio can operate on basic repeater system
IP Site CoonectRadio can operate on IP site Connect systems
Capacity PlusRadio can operate on Capacity Plus systems
Capacity MaxRadio can operate on Capacity Max systems
  • Standar
  • Optional (Extra Cost)